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Tapestry of Being (Mixed Heritage Support Group)

  • Alchemy Collective Cafe 1741 Alcatraz Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94703 United States (map)

June 23rd 6:30-8:30pm will be the first of the monthly creative healing & support gathering for multi-racial/ mixed heritage/ mixed race individuals. •••
How does it feel to have relatives that have historically been mortal enemies? What is the experience of being the only one in your family who looks like you? What does it mean when one half of your ancestry oppressed the other? What does it feel like to be suspended between worlds? •••
•••The path of a "born between" identity is rather distinct, tho historically underrepresented in literature or media. To be born with parents of different cultural/ethnic backgrounds, to be born in one land & raised in another with different traditions, to be adopted by parents of a different race, etc, puts us on a search of self that is all at once unique & alienating, beautiful & heartbreaking. •••
••• The effect of underrepresented narratives thru the eyes of the multi-racial/mixed heritage individual is massive misunderstanding from the world at large. In a society so conditioned to categorize life, many are disturbed & frustrated when they cannot categorize you upon first glance, leading to damaging pressure to deny, distort, & sever your connection from the ancestral truths carried in your very blood. •••
••• Ultimately, when there are little to no stories available of how our particular genetic & cultural identities are experienced, it becomes our responsibility to understand & create those narratives. We have the right to claim our identities by our own, rather than society's, terms. •••
••• In this gathering we will hold group therapy safe space to talk, share, & creatively workshop the multi-racial/mixed heritage experience thru discussion, story telling, various forms of artistic exercises, & compilation of resources & support as we learn how to elevate our individual & collective voices within this path.
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